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Mel & Cyn Candle Co.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

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2oz Dropper Bottles

This is a formulated blend that stimulates roots and encourages rapid hair growth, with a root defining blend of Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil & Willow Bark. 

Castor oil for hair helps moisturize the scalp, ease dandruff, and leave your hair smooth and shiny.

Almond oil nourishes and strengthens your hair, and is optimal for treating hair loss and damaged hair.

The exfoliating properties of Willow Bark mean it is an essential for scalp exfoliation, helping to remove dirt and product build-up from the scalp and helping to shift dead skin cells. Willow Bark in hair products also helps to control excess sebum on the scalp, leaving strands looking healthy and balanced.

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